The tape is now music…

Last year sometime, my friend Mike Kasprow introduced me to a Dashboard Widget called Oblique Strategies, by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt. It’s supposed to help overcome some creative blocks by giving some rather ambiguous solutions.
I’ve had a creative block for a few weeks, and finally decided to call it up just for fun. I drew a card from it and got the following:

The tape is now music

What the hell is that supposed to mean? Does it mean something that I recorded? Scotch tape? Duct Tape? Do I put the tape over my mouth and try to play it like a kazoo? Can it be a tape loop? How is the tape now music? So many questions about tape. Perhaps, I’ll see a song come out of it yet. Don’t ask me how, but there can be some form of hope!

If anything, it does give me an idea for perhaps the next CD after this one. If I make each song based on its own Oblique Strategy card, I’m sure I’ll get something different out of it.

All I can say is “Thanks Mike! You’ve given me something new to beat my head against the wall about!”

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