Lunch SUCKS!!

Today’s lunch is pastrami. For anyone who has known me for the last 45 years, how many times have I ever eaten pastrami? For those that actually know the answer, you can probably derive at how much I actually like pastrami! To cap it off, I eat ham sandwiches a lot less than I eat pastrami. It tells you just how much I like ham in a sandwich… assorted sub sandwiches don’t count.

So, what does Joelle buy for lunch meats? Ham and pastrami!!! Hell, she may as well have bought me chopped liver, because I hate that even more than ham and pastrami! It really makes me think they either she has dropped to the level of the world’s lousiest food shopper or she just doesn’t care what she buys, as long as she can get a good price on it. Weird enough is that she’ll complain over the $10 bag of Granny Smith apples. Yet, she doesn’t realize that I will eat Granny Smith apples. I like them. I’ve eaten a couple of Granny Smith apples a day for the last 10 or so years, and have never complained that Joelle went out and bought more of them.

And yet, she buys pastrami!

Even more ballsy is that she snaps back at me with, “if you don’t like it, then go and buy your own lunch meats”. Well, you know what, Jo? I will! As soon as I get home from work, I am going to grab $40 out of shopping money, that you probably have already grabbed out of, and I am going to do a proper shopping with some meal planning and some lunch meats that I can live with. That’s one thing that I have been able to do well, since living in Windsor and learning to deal with a room mate that behaved like my dog! And if you don’t like it, then go and do a proper food shopping.

Yes, I’m angry… I’m totally angry and I’m screaming this out to the world!

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