The most stable currency: KINZCASH!

On Monday, Joelle told me that the value of all of our retirement investments has been crushed to half. While it often makes me wonder if the those mutual fund managers at the TD Bank really know what they’re doing, considering that one of the basic rules that I know about mutual fund investment is then when equity funds fall, then look to either bond or money market funds to make up the difference, I look at everything that am doing over here on WebKinz and have discovered that the only currency that hasn’t changed is the KINZCASH!

Talk about the best bang for your buck. You can still shop at the W-Shop, or Curio Shop, or even take a 24-hour Webkinz Vacation (of course I’m going to plug my first pet project) for the same price as before. There’s no Lehman Bros. or Fannie May in Webkinz to screw up the value of the Kinzcash. Ain’t that amazing? Talk about a lot of value.

If I were a broker right now, I would put all of my investments on Kinzcash. It has weathered this entire financial storm of greed, lies and corruption like the Rock of Gibraltar. Its worth has not been affected by this global “crisis”. In fact, one trip to Kinzville and you’d see that there is no crisis here. If you have never been to Kinzville, there’s no better time to come than now.

Still a lot of value… much better than the what you see in the real world today! Try to convince me otherwise! Too bad it’s like The Matrix and I’m only one of the handful of engineers behind it. I can see it run, but I can’t live in it… oh well!

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