My freaky encounter with God gets ever freakier!!!

Anyone who has read my life’s testimony online on Facebook knows that my encounter with God in a tiny gas station in Brookville, Ontario (which many probably have never even heard of) is nothing short of freaky to us human beings. If you haven’t read it for some reason (most people don’t care for other people’s testimonies… secular world these days), at least give it a read for the freak factor alone. Don’t worry; reading it doesn’t make you a Christian. Heck, reading the Bible doesn’t make you a Christian any more than reading Moby Dick makes you a whale. But, even for me as a believer (a Jewish one at that), I find it way beyond freaky! It still freaks me out today. After all, we’re talking about someone coming up to me at a time I desperately prayed for a sign, and giving me a Bible and telling me the “God told me to give this to you!” We’re talking about a gas station out in the middle of nowhere.

And it gets freakier from here…

We had some company over at our house on Monday night and one of the persons over was a good friend of Margot’s. Margot’s friend is not only a great pianist, but is also the daughter of a pastor. Well, we were talking about our freak encounter with God and she goes, “that was my dad”. I’m practically reliving the moment all over again. Joelle had to be sure, so she has Margot’s friend make a phone call to her dad to ask her about the encounter at a gas station. He asked, “was it in Brookville?”. Right away, I knew it was him. She tells her dad, “it was Margot’s dad that day”. I got on the phone with him, and was trying to hold myself back from freaking out.

He’s been there all along and within arms reach and I never knew it. Margot knows them rather well. Now, Margot knows him as the man who saved my life that day. He came to my rescue when I needed it most, just by obeying God’s will that day. If I couldn’t be like Jesus, I would definitely want to be like him: attuned to God’s will and is obedient to His will. Perhaps, I could then have some more freaky encounters with God… I’d go for that!

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