Honest officer… Logic/BFD2 ate my evidence!

This past weekend, I had been dealing with the most annoying time with BFD2 and Logic while trying to mix down my latest song. I was trying to export the drum kit pieces and processed channels out of BFD2 and when I tried doing a spot check on the tracks, all of them were distorted as hell. I’m not talking too loud clipping distortion. I’m talking about shoving something into the bit-crusher, early Atari game type of distortion. I tried everything from adjusting the volume levels, removing all effects, and changing the sample rate. Nothing.

I was up in arms, so I reported it as a bug with FXPansion, the developers of BFD2. I told them that I tried everything. They couldn’t reproduce the problem. It was still happening on my machine. I didn’t have much time to spend on the bug because I had a recording session and wanted to finish getting some vocal tracks done. Sure enough, after the session, I switched back to my song and as soon as I changed the sample buffer size and start tweaking my mix, Logic crashes with BFD2 in it. It crashed hard!

I restarted everything, and booted up Logic once more, checking to see if there was any damage to my song. I played it once, and twiddled with a few faders. I then quit Logic and called it a night. Last night, FXPansion asked me for an audio sample. As always, I agreed. I then proceeded to create a new batch of audio files over all of my old ones that were distorted (so I could make it small enough to enclose). What do I find? No distortion! All my tracks are pristine audio quality! I figured maybe I don’t have it running long enough, so I would let it run the entire song and I can cut out a piece. My entire drums tracks for the song exported in one shot with no distortion. All of my distorted files were gone and thus left my bug groundless for the time being. I had to tell FXPansion what happened, and now we’re all scratching our heads.

I likened this to going to the doctor when you are sick, and once you get there, you are feeling better. Go figure!

There is one good thing that did come out of this, 24 or so tracks of drum audio which are distortion free! I can mix the way I love to mix, rather than wiring it though Logic. I get more punch from the audio tracks. All I can say is that I just didn’t get it when I wanted it.

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