Clear as MUD!

Okay, I’m probably rushing the mix that I am working on for Natalie P., but time is not of the essence as she is going back to school in the states very shortly and I wanted to get at least one more track with her. The thing is, and I let Joelle listen to it, was that in one part, I’m getting way too much mud in the song. I’m almost thinking that I am going to have to scoop a lot of the bass out in order to make it work with the drums. I may have to remove a bunch of the compression that I already attached to the bass. I think it may be contributing to the mud. Heck, I have to remember that this is not a heavy metal song. The bass probably needs more room to breathe.

I already noticed that I had a lot of drum room and ambient channels that were totally muddying up the song, so I made a decision to pull them back. Also, I’m almost thinking that I have way too much tom-tom bleed in the other channels. One of the toms just totally booms out and I know where it is happening. Therefore, I need to get rid of it. I was hoping to be able to let Natalie hear the song, but I am almost embarrassed about it. I know that I shouldn’t be, but I am. At least I know that I can fix it. But, it’s just disappointing that I am getting way to over-enthusiastic about the mix because I am bringing in a lot of muddiness where it shouldn’t be. I definitely need to cut some stuff out of it. Heck, I already cut a lot of bleed out of the kick channels to the point where it won’t trigger the gate that I put in. I may have to do this with the snare track as well.

The good part is that Natalie sounds like a star in the song. Her voice rises above everything else. Funny enough that I have been so picky about her voice that I spent a ton of time EQ’ing it so it sits right in the song. Not to mention that I took her background vocals and made them to blend so nicely with her vocals. The distressor emulation really gave her harmonies a shine that sounded amazing. Now, why I can’t do the same with the drums? Let’s see how tonight fares, after I get some tracks with her.

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