Those Vocal Exercises Paid Off… I NAILED the track!

After the initial shock of realizing that making sure that I have done my rock ‘n’ roll duty before attempting those vocal exercises from “The Zen of Screaming”, I started reaping the benefits from practicing them in the car going to Toronto and coming back home. I know that I only have to do them once, but they help pass the time as I am driving along the 407. I went to lay down some vocal tracks last night seeing as Joelle was picking Jake up in Buffalo and was going to be late. If anything, the results were astounding. I nailed the freakin’ track… and this was one that was giving me a bit of trouble. It wasn’t a range problem, but it was a case of hitting the notes properly. If anything, I’d always be slightly underneath it. Not last night. I was bang on the note. I used the same “dump area” techniques as the exercises and just let it all out. It was like opening the faucet on full and letting it flow. If anything, I have just one more vocal track to put down, which is the harmony. If anything, I’m gonna go full force with this and make sure that both ends of the pipe are clean as I have a huge note to hit before the lead guitar break.

Funny how the lessons that my mother taught me about singing go hand in hand with what Melissa Cross states in her DVD. Listening to Melissa is almost like listening to my mother on this, except that I get one thing that I never got from my mom… exercises. Funny how she opens up the DVD saying that she’s not my mother… it’s almost like she could have been.

I can’t wait to get the last vocal track down tonight. Hand me the toilet paper and wish me luck!

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