Note to self: go to bathroom before practicing vocal exercises!

This morning, I learned just how powerful those vocal exercises from “The Zen of Screaming” really are. Using the diaphragm and pushing down… in other words, using the dump as Melissa Cross puts it, not only helps you achieve those big heavy notes, but if you don’t make sure to take care of your bathroom duties beforehand, you will definitely hit the brown note in your undies. If anything, I almost experienced this in the worst of all places… in the car on my way into Toronto this morning. Let’s face it: it never occurred to me before to either be mindful of our bodily functions or take a clean pair of undies if we’re going to do this without taking care of ourselves beforehand.

Fortunately, nothing happened. However, I am going to make sure that I am going to take “one for the road” before I go home and try the exercises along the 407. But hey, at least I know that I am using the right area and almost having the proof in the pants proves it.

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