God must hate Queen Victoria…

Queen Victoria must have done something really bad to earn the wrath of the good Lord. Otherwise, it would rain even Victoria Day weekend in May. I have rarely ever seen a May 2-4 weekend where it doesn’t rain. It’s always bad on that particular long weekend. I don’t get it. If anything, it definitely spoiled our weekend plans to go to African Lion Safari and do a photo shoot there. If anything, it’s totally incomprehensible. Heck, our weekend barbeque was in the rain. Not that I mind the rain, but it was cold as well. The only thing that should be cold and wet on the May 2-4 weekend are the beverages!

Oh well… it just meant more time to clean out the studio, which I did. If anything, the area is all clean and ready for recording and jammin’. At least I’m happy with the way that turned out.

Even if it is cold and rainy…

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