I Don’t Care What You Call It… I Call It Music

I recently got into a what felt like a really useless argument regarding musical genres. The reason that I felt it was useless was because these days it has become a tool for musical division. It was bad enough back then when the record companies used it for marketing purposes. Nowadays, it seems like people are just using it for the sake of trying to differentiate from something already known and have other people use their name instead of an already established one.

Even worse is that I find these names rather confining. I feel locked in. It feels to me like if I say I play a certain type of music, I can’t play any other type of music for fear of losing my current fanbase. I don’t want to feel like that. I like to write and play music. I really don’t care what you care to call what I play. I just call it music. It’s the music that moves me at the moment. It’s also the music that I like to listen to at the moment. Honestly, if it sounds like music, I’ll probably listen to it. And if I feel like writing it, who’s going to stop me?

I already had this moment with writing “Dancing With The Moon”. My son, Joshua, heard me mixing and said, “Wow! That’s not like any music you’ve ever written… I like it.” If anything, Josh validated my defining moment. And even better is that Josh didn’t even put a label on it. He just called it music.

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