Things we take advantage of

How many of you ever think about:

  • being able to just roll out of bed
  • being able to climb into bed
  • sitting down
  • standing up
  • walking to the fridge to grab a snack
  • walking to the fridge to prepare a meal
  • doing your laundry
  • driving to work
  • getting into a car
  • walking around in a mall
  • walking anywhere
  • running anywhere
  • climbing up stairs
  • walking down stairs
  • just being able to get up and go anywhere

These days, I think about it constantly because all these things I took advantage of were taken away on Wednesday morning in one heartbeat.

Yes, I will heal in time. However, in all this, time doesn’t feel like my friend. I know that I will need to be patient and be persistent and have faith. Especially, faith. I know that I will be blessed with a greater appreciation for all of these things and more. And I know that God has not left my side. He never will.