Being shaped by life

I think I have an idea as to why things are happening the way they are at the moment. Everything in life usually happens to build strength in character for the next things that happen in life. If anything, I know I have been unhappy at work and have been stressed out of my mind here. I also know that I have been getting stronger in the sense that certain admirable, I hope, characteristics are starting to show. As weird as it may seem, I think that I’m starting to see some leadership qualities in

Let’s put it this way. For the past four days, I have been running a team of nineteen developers to try and get this project over and done with. With the help of our resource manager, who has been nothing short of a fantastic support for me, I actually managed to put a strategy together to match the project to the developer. So far the plan was met with acceptance, and even if it wasn’t it was still a big accomplishment for me. If anything, part of this plan was also to reduce the chances of having to stay late or do weekends for any of the developers. I don’t want them to wind up as I did emotionally.

I’m hoping that this plan works, because if I matched them up right, then not only will they complete their stuff, but we can all pool together to blitz out the remaining stuff in a snowball fashion.

I even managed to take the lead on couple of project and paired a few devs together on projects that were in danger of missing their deadlines. Funny thing is that this was the fastest I ever acted.

So if this is what is supposed to happen in life right now, then perhaps I just need to try and let it shape me, rather than just drop and run like I seemed to used to do I the past.

I guess it is like iron when you beat it so many times. It gets stronger and more resistant.

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