My computer gave me a new respect for bassists!

When Apple introduced Logic 9, they added a feature in there, called Flexible Audio. Being the interested audio engineering geek that I am, I had to give it a test.

First place I decided to test it was with my bass lines. If anything, they looked in time so I didn’t think it would make that much of a difference. Boy, was I wrong.

I locked the bass to my kick and all of a sudden, it sounded like a brand new song. I’m fact, I had to redo the mix because everything was very clear and punchy. I was shocked because in the blink of an eye, I could see just how bad my bass playing was. That minute timing in my playing made all the difference between a tight groove and a sloppy mess. It obviously didn’t take much to show just much of a difference it makes.

If anything this little venture into flexible audio has given me a brand new respect for bassists and just how important they are at holding down the bottom end of a song. It means that I really need to work on tightening my timing because that little adjustment will be the difference between something with a punchy bottom end and something that is flabby and loose.

It also means that I’m going to have to trust my gut a little more. There were plenty of times that I felt that the timing didn’t feel right, but thought perhaps it’s me overreacting. Obviously not! That groove is important and I need to do everything I can to keep it going. Timing is definitely everything.

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