Grain of Beauty…

Somehow, I have fallen in love with grain in my photos all over again. There’s something about grain in a photo that just attracts my eyes to it. Joelle and I have even started to incorporate it more and more in our wedding shoots. It gives the pictures a degree of finesse that a digitally clean shot can’t always provide. It makes me look at it and go, “That’s a picture!”

With all of the megapixels that I have to play with, and all of the detail I get in all of the pictures, I find it easy to let go of some of it and let the grain fill it in. Don’t get me wrong… I love a clean digital shot with crystal clear details and vibrant colours. But, I feel like I am just starting to realize that it is not always the be all and end all for a picture. Especially in a wedding shot, I am finding that some grain brings back some of the character and all of a sudden, the shot becomes a WOW! type of shot. I even saw this in my shots that I took in England. I felt that a lot of my London shots we not all that interesting to start. Then, I started putting some grain and even some antiqueness to the pictures that originally looked boring and all of a sudden, there was life in the pictures.

Of course, with every technique comes the responsibility of knowing when not to use it. So far, I have been fortunate enough to be able to look at a pictures and determine whether or not to apply things like grain. I would hate to take a great picture and simply trash it. But for the others, give me a little grit and I will fall in love with the shot. It’s almost like you can touch it. That to me is the beauty of grain.

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