Rampant Daemons and Panicky Kernels…

Sunday night, both of my computers had problems… funny enough, however, their differing symptoms were the results of the same cause. The more serious one was my main Mac Pro. It was destined to shut off at 1am Monday morning. According to the logs, at 1:10am it went into kernel panic and was like that all night until I got downstairs at 6am. The fans on the unit were blowing like a 737 getting ready to take off. Fortunately, it seemed to survive and serious meltdown (as I am typing on it right now).

My MacBook Pro also had a problem with its fan… it was going rampant, though not from kernel panic. It was writing continuous logs to my hard drive, due to the syslogd daemon running wild, taking up almost all of one CPU core. After temporarily disabling the syslogd daemon, and removing the gigabytes of garbage that it was writing, I then proceeded to look at the system logs of both units and found a similar problem: remnant software that was supposed to be uninstalled by the manufacter’s uninstallers didn’t remove everything and they left stuff in key system areas that the system was not only waiting for, but erroring out over.

It took me all night last night to go through the system logs to find the frameworks and startups, that should not have been there, and remove them. Once removed, I brought back the syslogd daemon online and everything purred like a kitten. I even got a ton of disk space back from that. If anything, the developers are to blame along with their QA depts. They are supposed to come up with the test cases for these things and to make sure that everything satisfies those tests. Developers have to be their own QA’s as well, so that everything runs smoothly. Otherwise, you have users like me ranting about how crappy your code is and how I would not infect my system with another piece of your garbage. Their crappy workmanship cost me a night of having to go through their crap without getting any of my own stuff done.

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