Taking Care of an Old Friend…

Once again, as I clean and polish my Ibanez Artist 2630 guitar that I have had the pleasure of playing for the last 30 years, I have once again come to think of it as an old friend. That guitar has been with me through all my ups and downs with life. It’s a very soulful friend, indeed. It’s almost like a part of me when I play. When I’m happy, it sounds happy. When I’m in pain, it sounds in pain. It plays how I feel. It’s practically the only electric I have that can do this.

I still view it the same way I believe God views me: not perfect, but in caring sounds can do amazing things. I see that it gets a fresh coat of polish and a good wipe, along with a change of strings every once in while, just as God sees my needs and makes sure that I am fed, clothed and sheltered. I hold it close and watch over it, just as God holds me close and watches over me. I restored it when it suffered damage due to a water heater explosion, just as God restored me after suffering an almost total meltdown.

Sure you may think, “it’s just a guitar”. Then again, I’m just a human. Just as you won’t find another me, you won’t find another guitar like this one (even if you do find a 2630 somewhere).

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