Zagging pays off…

Today, I realized that with a calm and clear mind, it helps to get through tough situations and the payoff today was “zagging” while everyone else was “zigging”. A big accident on the 401 blocked the highway up for about 20Km. Of course, the real trick was that I had my father-in-law in the car today as I was taking him home, so I had to make it to work on time. Did I mention that I thought I had things covered by leaving early?

Sure enough, when we got to James Snow Parkway, I figured that I would not get anywhere further by staying on the 401. So, I got off and proceeded down James Snow Parkway. Of course, all of the main streets going east were blocked solid. So, I told my father-in-law, we’re going to go west back to Route 25 and take the 407 from there. All of the roadways were moving smoothly towards 25 and down to the 407.

I estimated that I did an extra 20 minutes of driving, than I normally do, to get back to the origin point of the 407 and 401 where I would have gotten on, but I figured that it was better than taking the routes that everyone else did, because I think that I would have been another hour to 90 minutes just trying to get to the 407. Not to mention that I think I got there in excellent time and even though I got here a bit later than I usually do, I still made it technically on time, as I am early all other days.

Of course, my father-in-law believed that I knew my way around, but to be honest, I was a little concerned about getting lost. However, I did maintain a calm and clear mind. That really helped.

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