Submitting to His call…

After one of the most trying weekends doing a wedding photo shoot in Wasaga Beach, bringing me to a crossroads as to whether I ever want to shoot weddings with Joelle anymore, I came home all worn, tired and in a rather bitchy mood altogether. As a result, I was considering postponing Natalie Pifer, a member of our church and one of the most brilliant vocalists I have ever heard, for a while until I could get myself sorted out. Funny how I had asked Joelle, who I am still very much at odds with right now, to do this and she refused and said if I want to do have this done, I need to do it myself. Basically, I told Joelle to forget it and I will handle it because I didn’t need any further hassles from her.

Thinking of how I was going do to tell Natalie on my way home, guess who steps in… God! Wouldn’t you know it, He whispered to my heart going “Why? Why should she have to suffer for this? Record her and leave the rest to Me!”. Suddenly, I got in the door of the house all motivated and went straight to the basement and fired up the computer and the audio interfaces. I got the drums and bass tracks all ready just in time for Natalie’s arrival to do vocals.

Boy, am I glad I listened to God. Natalie did the absolute best vocals that I have ever recorded from her and I was excited. The song was really pulling together and her vocals not only made me feel better, but her words assured me, and it felt like she was carrying a message from God, Himself. It was an amazing experience just listening to her song.

We had a few happy accidents along the way and discovered how much we really liked these parts. There was one part where her guitar playing stopped on one of the parts and all that was left was her voice and she kept singing and all I could say was “I don’t know about you, but I loved it…”. Fortunately for me, she agreed. We then built on that part and I felt the emotions of the song just rise up even more. It was fantastic. It was just as fantastic waking up early this morning and editing the guitar parts and listening to this over and over again.

And to think, all I did was listen and submitted to His will. I should do that more often.

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