I’m turning into a complete WHACK-JOB!

I must be losing it today. I feel like everything is just falling apart around me.

First, I couldn’t authorize a gasoline purchase because the card was telling me that I had insufficient credit. First of all, this was a debit card! As well, there was more than enough to cover the gas purchase and as expensive as gasoline is these days, it sure as heck didn’t put me over my daily spending limit! So, here I am thinking that there is a problem now with my bank.

Next, because of the stupid bank machine delays from getting gas, I had to take the 407 to get in on time today because I was late getting into the Mississauga rush, which would make me late for sure. Getting off the 407, my transponder doesn’t give me the acknowledging beep when I passed under the exit checkpoint. Now, I’m really starting to think that the computers are against me.

Next, I try to get online with my bank to see if there’s a problem. The bank’s site doesn’t respond, and it doesn’t even bother to tell me that I’m logging in with the wrong protocol. Even worse is that it doesn’t even bother to redirect me to the proper protocol. How totally lame… and we’re talking about one of Canada’s major banks. So, now I do get on and it asks me a security question. I had the answer right and yet it kept telling me that I was wrong. How totally frustrating. At least it was kind enough to ask me another question that I had no problems answering. Sure enough, no problem with is shown with the bank. Joelle confirms this by talking to the bank.

Finally, I’m trying to integrate some files for a project, and they are INCOMPLETE! So, now I have to harp on my project co-ordinator and get him to light some fires. However, it doesn’t get the project done any quicker!!

So, in all of this… if God has a plan for His own glory to show through my complete and utter insanity, I can’t wait to see this! It ought be to as good or better than I am crazy!

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