Feelin’ like a total n00b!

Okay… here I am with my new 8-core MacPro and have gotten everything transferred from the G5 on over. So far, that’s running smoothly. Logic works like a dream and BFD2 runs without breaking a sweat. I also put the unit through its paces putting together a wedding package for one of our clients in record time. The results were astounding. I still know my way around the underbelly of the machine via the Terminal, and I can still program in Cocoa and Objective-C.

Then why do I feel like a total n00b when it comes to setting up and running a Linux virtual machine? As soon as the VM boots up, I go goofy and have this total deer-in-the-headlights look on my face. If anything it’s a sister OS to the FreeBSD OS that is running Mac OS X. The commands are not that far different. Yes, there are a few minor setup and operational differences, which also vary between various brands of Linux. However, it’s not a totally different OS. I should be able to manipulate my way through that OS just like I do with FreeBSD.

It must be a psychological thing. I can’t see anything that should hamper my abilities to set up a virtual HTTP server along with PHP/MySQL, Python/MySQL or Tomcat/MySQL. Perhaps, I just need a bit more faith in myself and tell myself that everything will be alright and perhaps keep repeating that it’s all the same thing.

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