An Early Father’s Day Honouring

Last night, I felt so honoured by my oldest daughter, Margot. She back in Guelph for a week with her husband, Jon, and she did something for me that I totally did not expect… she cooked a fantastic dinner for the both of us. Here’s a girl who in my opinion deserves a rest from all of her hard work at the University just to get her Master’s degree, and what does she do? She practically spent the afternoon in the kitchen cooking. It made me feel that this is a girl that loves her dad, to go to all this length. Not that the others don’t (as Dina, Henry and the others have often expressed it as well), so don’t get me wrong.

If I never get to express it again, I will say that I am blessed to have the kids that I do. I am more than proud to be their father. They may not appreciate some of the things that we do now, but it always seems to show later on in life that they appreciated on some level what we had to offer them in life. I may not have been such a great dad to them, but I always love them.

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