Don’t go away mad… JUST GO AWAY!

Some people just don’t get it. Here’s why:

Apple just released a new update to Logic 8 (8.0.2). Prior to that, an band of trolls were whining in Apple’s user-to-user forum that Logic is dead and Apple has killed Logic, just because they haven’t gotten a software update every 15 minutes or so. Not to mention that they are talking about going from Logic to Pro Tools. Even worse is that they mention it at least 10 times a week or so. Now that the update is out, and with a whole grocery list of fixes, these same trolls are complaining that Apple doesn’t care because one of their problems didn’t get fixed. And, again, these same trolls are going on the forum that Apple has failed them and they’re moving to Pro Tools.

Yeah… RIGHT!!

If you’re gonna go to Pro Tools, then GO! It’s just a DAW and if it works for you, then more power to you and your music. Quit making noise on a user to user forum. They think that if they scream real loud in a public forum, someone is just going to go “I’m leaving too”. Ain’t gonna happen! A lot of us work very well in Logic and we’re not going to leave just because some troll is having a whine and cheese party on the forums. It has nothing to do with being an Apple fan-boy. It has everything to do with the fact that it DOES work. If anything, I have the music to show for it… both for myself and for my clients. If it didn’t work, would I stick around? I’d leave in a heartbeat. Music is something I love… I will not let anything turn music into something I hate!

Or, those trolls actually believe that Apple will eventually listen on the forum. Nothing could be further from the truth. Apple employees are ordered not to interact there because of the whiny trolls. DUDE! You killed it for yourself! I don’t blame them. I don’t even want to talk much on the forum because they’re whiny trolls. At least on the Logic forum that I moderate, I can at least call them out on it and if they can’t justify their whine, I have no problems calling them a troll. If you have a legitimate complaint, that’s different. Heck, one dude is a high-powered rock audio engineer and when he complains, I listen. It doesn’t mean I take his complaints at face value, but I will go to him and try to flesh it out… and he does flesh it out! Funny enough, however, some of the same whiny trolls don’t bother using the “I’m switching to Pro Tools card” on my forum. Wonder why? Is it because Apple’s not there?

So, if you want to be a troll and complain for its own sake, you’ll never be happy even if Apple does fix the problem you’re experiencing. You simply love being a troll and your thrill is simply being miserable. However, if you want to make noise threatening to go to another piece of software, then dude, don’t go away mad… JUST GO AWAY!

And don’t let the door slam your rear-end on the way out!

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