The hardest part of a long weekend is starting back at work again

Subject says it all. Heck, if long weekends are meant to be relaxing so that we can come back to work refreshed and stuff, then why am I so worn out already and it is only 8:30am? Already, I cannot wait to go home and sleep. Heck, I just may catch a lunch time power nap. But, as it is, I feel like, despite the 8 or so hours of sleep I got, I feel like I didn’t get enough rest. It’s even worse when my body clock is going haywire, waking me up at all hours of the night. Sure, it got me up on time, but I’m already feeling short circuited. Then I have to drive to Woodbridge… which I am totally grateful that traffic was not seriously backed up.

Perhaps, the next long weekend I get, I should make it a point of working out a little more often. Perhaps, I will be a lot better relaxed if I do.

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