Getting Dirty

For years, I have been somewhat of a purist when it came to recording. Everything going in to my computer had to be clean and plug-in free so that I could scuplt it within Logic. For some things like acoustic guitars, that was good to a point, and even that had its moments, but for many other things, like electric guitars, it became totally uninspiring to record because what I really wanted was a tone that would excite me, and quite often it was right at my fingertips. But I felt I had to wait to apply them to my sound, and quite often, the wait would often result in not getting the sound that I originally intended. Main reason as far as electric guitar went was because there was no real interaction because the guitar and speakers and whatever interaction there was, it was a more digital response resulting in squeals for feedback, if there was any feedback at all. So, by the time the song was ready for mix, it would already be boring and the it would feel like nothing more than an act of turd polishing.

You can say I’ve had enough of that. If I was going to get a sound that excited me, I had to get dirty with my recording. This meant knowing the sound I wanted to use for the song, which is uaually the case, and stick with it to the end. Of course this means making a commitment. But, heck, I wouldn’t really change things once I record them, so I’m good.

These days, almost any track that is not of a software instrument is recorded with some type of treatment on them. Electric guitars will go through my POD or my Rockman, using one of the amp patches. I will also make sure that I am not using headphones when I record them because I can get some really cool interaction between the guitar and speakers, and it doesn’t sound digital. For my acoustic guitars, I have been taking advantage of some console emulations, such as the Universal Audio 610-A, and I’ll drive it through either an 1176 or LA-2A and Pultec emulations. Even vocals get treated now. I’ll do anything that gets me closer to the sound that I want to hear right away.
The result lately is that my last few mixes have got me even more excited because I am getting the sound I am looking for right from the start. Everything sounds right in place and I have been able to pull mixes together within a matter of hours, instead of days because I was fiddling for that sound and feel after the fact. And, the mix to me is far better than I imagined. Even Joelle has given me the “don’t change a thing” after listening to them.

I’m not saying that this is going to work for everyone. However, it has worked wonders for me. If I know how I want something to sound, I’m going to record it right away, rather than set it all up later. And most of all, I’m not afraid to get dirty.

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