Bad News + Campaign Slogan + Old Guitar Riff + Piano Lessons = Song

To say that some blessings come disguised as problems would be an understatement. By now, it is no secret that I work for BlackBerry. When the news was leaked that 4500 employees would be laid off, many of us dismissed it as rumors because there were way too many media agencies and blogs grasping at straws for a story, to create some interest becoming a dying industry. After all, what better sparks interest than fear? It just so happened that the news was true in this case and if anything, it felt like someone dropped a bomb. If anything, there were a lot of emotions going through me to the point where I was feeling overwhelmed. There were a lot of feelings that needed to be sorted out.

To me, there was only one way I could think of to get it all down. That was to write a song about it. As to where I got the music for this song, I had an old guitar idea that I had recorded and it never quite worked for me in that form. I have been learning how to play piano and have been practicing fairly diligently. I decided to try to play the guitar riff on the piano and I was instantly hooked on the song. All of a sudden, the lyrics containing all of my feelings were starting to bleed all over my BlackBerry keyboard, figuratively speaking.

What was missing was some form of resolution to my feelings. I needed a statement that said that no matter what was happening, no matter what I was feeling, and no matter what does happen to me at BlackBerry, I will go forward from all of this because I believe in something greater than a place of employment. Plus, I also needed to state that I would do this and help others as well, whether I was on the inside or the outside. All of a sudden it hit me: BlackBerry’s campaign slogan. We will keep moving. To take it a step further, I expanded on it to state that we will not stop. We’ll keep moving on. That was the song. Our feelings may be hammered and bruised, and in some cases broken, but we will keep moving on. What a beautiful statement.

The song is dark and full of emotions, but at the same time, it is filled with hope. There is a glimmer of light that shines through the darkness.

The song is a blessing to me because without the onslaught of emotions, how would I have written this? I needed to experience that bad news in order to come up with what I felt is a good song. It means that I am alive and so are my songwriting abilities. I do feel blessed in not only the ability to write such a song, but also in the ability to keep moving on.

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