Convoluted Reverbs

Joelle is right… I am turning into a grumpy old fart. Well, I am because I can’t believe how much time I waste trying to find the perfect sounds and settings and all the things that are messing with making music. I already grumped out about playing guitar. However, despite all of my grumpiness, I feel that I have become a better person for it. I’m starting to hear music.

However, there’s another thing that got in my way of music: Convolution Reverbs. Or, should I say convoluted?

Heck, why does wanting to have some ambience in my sound have to be so complicated? What happened to just dialing in a space like we used to be able to do with old hardware reverbs like my Ibanez SD1000? Heck, I could dial in a type, decay and density, along with a few other parameters, and get instant results. I find myself spending way too much time looking for the right space, time and other garbage that I lose time on the music itself. Sure, if I’m looking for medium sized wood room and know that it is there, I may dial it up and move on. However, for most ambiences, I can get away with a simple algorithmic reverb that I can make sound thick or thin to my liking. What do I care if it sounded like a plate or a hall if the track sounds like music? Or even more so, would you know or care if I stuck in a delay before the reverb and made it sound like an airplane hangar or bat cave? Do you know the difference between the various concert hall impulse responses? Do you know what an impulse response it? Do you care? I really don’t anymore.

Give me a simple reverb. If I can dial a great sound out of it without having to think of whether it sounds like a room or a hall or a plate, then what else do I really need? Like I said already, I want to make music. I don’t feel like being a programmer for certain rooms. I just want to plug in and play, and if it doesn’t sound like music, I’ll tweak it.

Okay, I’ve been a grumpy ol’ fart long enough… I need to make some music (yes, I programmed this to go up while I am sleeping – grumpy ol’ farts need their sleep too).

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