What Christmas Means to Me

Sometimes, I think we don’t realize just how good we have Christmas. We stuff our bellies with turkey and all the stuffing and then we rush around the tree and open the presents that are stuffed under it. We then sit around drinking Egg Nog and Hot Chocolate. There’s one thing in common with all of this. It’s the “WE”. It’s about the people we gather with. For me, the best part about Christmas was about the people we celebrated it with. Having friends and family over was the best part about Christmas. It isn’t about the stuff. It isn’t about the food. It is about friends, and it is about family. It’s about worshipping a Saviour that came down from Heaven to save us from the things of this world. The things that have lead us into sin.

Heck, we live in a world of consumerism on demand. We can shop 24/7 and buy anything from anywhere. Heck, if that’s what Christmas was really all about, then we should be happy 365 days a year. Well, we’re not happy, and this unhappiness get exemplified at Christmas. Despite all we have, we always notice that one thing that’s missing. We then deny it by burying it in more stuff. If anything, I was happy just having a couple of kids and
my grandson with me, along with a few friends. We didn’t talk about the latest sales at Wal-Mart, or stuff like that. We talked about Christmas. It was such a great time, we lost track of when church would start their Christmas service would start as we just kept talking about Christmas.

Joelle hosted a Christmas trivia game dealt with all of the Biblical aspects around Christmas. The questions were fun and entertaining, and I also learned a few things about Christmas that couldn’t be found in a store. We all had a great time. Sure, the food was fantastic, but listening to my grandson start to recite the blessings was far more
priceless. You can’t buy moments like these.

That, to me, is what Christmas is all aboutŠ celebrating Christ with those you love. I hope your Christmas is filled with love, peace, and joy with the friends and family. Most of all, I hope your Christmas is filled with Christ.

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