Battle armor

I won’t lie, and I won’t candy coat it: THIS WEEK BLOODY SUCKED!

There, I said it…

I knew that something was going to happen at RIM, and it did. It seemed like all of the scriptures that I was reading was leading me up to this, more or less in the sense that I things would happen beyond my comprehension. Boy, did they happen beyond my comprehension.

Our team got hit pretty hard. Perhaps, not as hard as other teams, but it was still hard enough to shake the foundations of our team. I’d like to think that I am fortunate in the fact that God still has a purpose for me there. Yet, there was a huge feeling of loss for my team members no longer there. I can’t tell you how angry it made me.

No, I was not angry at RIM for doing this. Nor was I angry at anyone in particular. If anything, it was what I believe a healthy anger. I didn’t let it overshadow the fact that there were people hurting and my purpose at that time was just to encourage those that were scared. There were people that have never been through something like this before. I sort of made it my duty to tell them that while it is a hard time at the moment, it is truly not the picture of the company at all. In fact, in the seven months that I have been there, it has been really the total opposite. This was just a bump in the road, and I let them know that.

Through this all, the anger and the sick feelings in my stomach, all while trying to comfort others more upset and shaken, I hit a point of resolution. I resolved in a split second, that even though I am just one person and I don’t know how I will do it, but I will never let us fall into this situation again. I’m going to do whatever I must to help rebuild RIM and make it better than ever. Again, I know that I am only one person, but if I can find a way to pass this on to the other 17,000 and we all work together, this company can not only survive, but thrive.

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