Musical borders on the Internet… STILL!!

I’m developing a real disdain for the music industry these days. To put it this way, I have been looking for two albums in Canada. However, they are not available without paying really questionable amounts to get them into Canada. However, if I just happen to live in the USA, I can download them off the iTunes store, Amazon, and even the online christian stores.

Isn’t this supposed to be the age of the Internet? Perhaps, there was a business model of whether or not it was feasible to ship physical product around the world. However, in this case, we are talking about an inventory that does not deplete, costs very little to store and absolutely nothing to mass produce. So, why the heck am I restricted from getting these albums in Canada? It makes no business sense? And then the music industry complains of a download problem. If there is a problem, the music industry created it! They’ve attached borders to the Internet and prevented the willing customers from purchasing items from their favorite artists. And all in the name of what? There can’t be money involved, because I am not even allowed to spend it.

It leads me to serious dilemmas here. I could download it from a torrent, but that would be a total wrong move. Gotta love that one: stealing Christian music to praise our king of kings and lord of lords. I could pay the outrageous prices as an “import” which is stupid because I live 90 minutes away from the border. I am not going to move down to the USA for the sake of two albums. I don’t even know how questionable it is to get a friend in the USA to buy and download them them for me and I reimburse them for it. I suppose it’s better than stealing it an I am still paying for it.

If anyone in the music industry is reading this, which I really doubt they are, break down the borders and let the rest of the world experience the joy of music. There are no more fences in the industry. There’s a new inventory model… it’s called no inventory. Embrace it and allow us to purchase what we want where we want. I’m sure it will solve a bunch of these problems that you’ve created. And, your artists will build a more global fanbase. Isn’t that what they would like in the first place?

— Posted from iCandy that doesn’t bear fruit!

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