I’m still here… so treat me like it!

I have to admit that I am a bit peeved at some people’s attitudes at the moment. Yes, it’s a given that I am leaving my job. However, I have not left yet. I haven’t even checked out in my mind. I don’t plan to do that until it’s time to officially check out. So, why are people talking to me with the belief that because I am leaving, I don’t care what happens now, and after I am gone?

Nothing could be further from the truth. I am still making sure that my team is highly functional and that we can still hit the tight deadlines that have been driven by the executive business end. Not only that, I am trying to make sure that my successor is able to step in as easily as possible without believing that he has walked into a nightmare that may have been left behind. There is plenty to do and I feel that I have a responsibility to get it done. Just because I am excited about the new opportunities and possibilities, that in no way means that I can simply forget everything that I have tried to put in place here. I do not wash my hands of anything until it is officially time to leave the table. I make no apologies for being this way.

So, when you talk to me at work, don’t talk to me like I am leaving. Talk to me like I am still here ensuring that everything that I need to get done, gets done. Talk to me believing that I still have the company’s objectives in mind. If you feel the need to talk to me like I am gone, and do not possess the will or desire to change this, then please do me the favor and just treat me as if I am gone and don’t approach me. This way, you will be making room for someone else who knows that I am still here and is willing to serve them in order to get things done and help them meet their objectives.

— Posted from my iPhone… because I can

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