Faster, faster

I’ve been making a crucial mistake in my workouts… one that could have killed me. I deluded myself into believing that I would get a better workout by increasing the resistance on my bike. If anything, it was giving me the reverse effect. Even worse was that I was piling on more resistance and straining myself out.

This was starting to exhibit a reverse effect on my health. My energy level dropped considerably. I was always worn out. Even my voice was in terrible shape. Not to mention that I wondered why I was not losing weight.

It was definitely time to reconsider what I was doing. When I finally started to watch my calories, both in what I was eating and what exercising, I cut the resistance down drastically, and pedaled, probably for my life. If anything, I’m going for the calories. Now, I’m noticing the positive effects.

I’ve learned that pedaling faster is more important than pedaling harder. I’m seeing my energy level climbing and my weight dropping. Even my voice sounds a lot livelier.

My goal right now is to hit racing speed. The good news is that after last night, I seem to be 0.8mph away from achieving this. And once I reach this, I will try to take it even faster. I’d almost say that my life depends on everything that I have learned recently.

— Posted from my iPhone… because I can

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