Too Perfect to be Random

In everything I have seen in my life, I truly find it extremely difficult to believe in pure coincidence or random acts, or, worst of all, luck. I have been in way too many situations that many would just resign to say “what were the chances of that happening?” Even worse is hearing, “that was lucky!”

I just don’t believe in random or coincidental acts. They happen just too perfectly to be random. They’re at just the right time and place.

Let’s take the songs on my iPhone for example. I can put it on shuffle and yet the right song comes up at just the right time, when I need it most. Whether I need to be encouraged, consoled, motivated, or just to be still, it’s done at the most perfect time. I find it hard to believe in a random number generator that knows which song I need to hear. The song just didn’t pop up by coincidence.

Or what about my recent gallstone examinations. Were it not for them, they wouldn’t be finding other things that may require dealing with, that may have tried to slip by undetected.

I can name other examples in my life but there are way to many to name.

It’s these kinds of thing in my life that point to the existence of God! There really is no other explanation. Everything that I have seen happen in my life is just way too perfect to be random.

— Posted from my iPhone… because I can

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