All I really wanted for Christmas

Something must be wrong with me this year… or maybe something has just changed inside me. I actually went through Christmas without experiencing any material wants, or even the feeling of being shortchanged for Christmas. It’s really weird for me because I am feeling really happy about this. I actually feel that I received all I ever really wanted for Christmas.

Yeah, sure there are a bunch of nice to have things, but when I look at them right now, I am really not hurting for not having them. They seem to pop out of my head just as quick as they pop in and I am just as happy before and afterwards. Those thing really don’t make me happy. They don’t have any effect on my emotions at all.

If anything, I got the gift of being able to spend christmas with my grandchildren as well as with my kids. At this point in time, and in my life, what else is there? This, to me, was the best christmas that I could ever ask for. I’m also grateful for having my video camera with me so I can take all of these memories with me.

Like I said, it’s all I really wanted for christmas, and I got it.

— Posted from my iPhone… because I can

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