Has Jesus Become a Dirty Word?

In my quest for some great inspirational hard rockin’ tunes from some Christian bands, I have started noticing a trend in some of the new music. They all talk about heaven, eternity, righteousness, faith, hope and love, and all things good and insert some well-placed “Hallelujahs!” in their songs. But, they’re missing one thing! I went through all of their demo tracks on the iTunes Store and nowhere did I ever find a mention of either God or Jesus in their demo tracks. Not once on their entire album! We’re talking perhaps 13 or so tracks per album, and many of these bands have more than one album and not once do they mention Jesus. Heck, I didn’t even hear the words “Lord”, “King”, “Ruler” or anything like that.

What ever happened to “every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord” in the music? It’s like mentioning Jesus in the music business is now becoming a sure fire way to find yourself blacklisted or something like that. I can probably hear it in the back room of these so-called Christian labels going, “Well, if we don’t mention Jesus or God directly, but we imply Him, then we’re still getting out the message…” WRONG!! They don’t call it Christian Rock for nothing, you know! Christian Rock without Christ is just Rock! I can listen to that kind of stuff on Q107, which I am not detracting from that station because it’s my fave Classic Rock radio station. What I am saying is that’s what it seems that these labels are aiming for and rather than set themselves apart, just like it was commanded in the Bible, they are assimilating themselves into this world! They are trying to blend in by removing the very cornerstone of their music.

I’m sorry, but this really saddens and angers me and my feelings on this are getting rather overwhelming. It weighs on me like a huge rock tied around my heart because these bands have lost their balls when it comes to Jesus. It’s like Jesus has become their embarrassing friend. I have a hard enough time trying to talk about Jesus as it is and I look to music for inspiration because music is one of the things in this world that I can directly associate with. That’s what God built into me. I like to fill my morning and afternoon drives with loud rockin’ music that I can sing my praises to Jesus at the top of my lungs. Yes, look over your shoulder into the next car… that’s me singing it out loud about Jesus and I’m not afraid of being watched as I drive in the car, no matter how stupid I look. That’s me and if you don’t like it, then roll up your windows and drive on. But, I can’t sing about Jesus if I don’t have a song to sing about Him. I don’t like to imply Jesus. I like to sing Jesus!

I’m grateful that the albums that I do have from Jeremy Camp, Kutless and Casting Crowns sing about Jesus in all of His glory and mention God, Jesus and everything else associated with no fear. I’m glad they have the balls to mention Jesus and set themselves apart just like the Bible commands! I’m glad they fill me with the inspiration to sing in my car. Their work is inspiring to me because their love for Jesus shows in their music. They’re not just Christians in a band. Their bands are about Christ and nothing but. They day they drop Jesus from their songs will be a sad day for me indeed.

I only wish I could find more rockin’ bands with the same courage to proclaim Jesus as their foundation. I’d go right into the iTunes store and buy them right away and fill my iPod, so I can sing along and be further inspired. As for the others, it seems inspirational has become a loose terminology.

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