It’s all coming back

It’s been almost a couple of weeks since deciding to take back my life from my job. All I can say is that I have no regrets.

If anything, I’ve started to see things a lot clearer now. I can see the damage I have done all over. My health suffered. I have never seen the type of illnesses that I had experience lately. And considering that I was rundown and stressed, I probably should not be surprised to see these diseases. At least I can feel my strength coming back while my body is cleaning up the garbage. I had my best bike ride last night.

My creativity suffered to the point where I had been not able to write any music. This was depressing in itself. My ventures back to the mixing board have been nothing short of therapeutic. There’s definitely healing in the vibrations.

I feel my emotions coming back in check. This was something that I will not doubt was wreaking havoc throughout my family. Poor Joelle must have gone through hell putting up with me for the past little while. And Joshua… I will no doubt bet that my own state of mind has been affecting his state of mind. Heck, he’s been an emotional train wreck for the past two weeks.

All I can say is I’m sorry and I’m not going to let that ever happen again. Certain things in life are just not worth the cost!

— Posted from my iPhone… because I can

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