Musical Healings…

In my resolve to take back what is mine and separate my life from my job at the end of the work day, I’ve taken the first steps in regaining who I am after all the work is done. Part of that first step is healing. I have to heal the wounds because they don’t help to remain open, as I have discovered in the past.

For me, there’s no better healing than music. I went to the mixing board last night and ripped apart “In the Eyes of a Stranger” mainly because of the same reason as “I Wanna Be…”. I didn’t like how it sounds.

The first place I looked at was the drums. There was something wimpy about it. Once I found a stronger kick, I could feel an immediate uplifting. Mind you, I may change my mind tonight, but at least the healing is happening.

It must be something in the rhythm or the vibrations because I could feel them in the healing. If anything, I am using these anomalies in the rhythm to fix what I am finding in the song. The beauty of this is that I am finding conflicts with the bass due to timing. Fixing this will probably help this healing process. I can feel it already. Thus, it must be right.

I will admit that I am grateful for the audio tools that helps the healing. But using them now is coming from within. I’m finding that I am not just hearing what’s happening, but feeling it as well. And it is feeling better… music is definitely part of my healing.

— Posted from my iPhone… because I can

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