Meltdown averted by server down

Funny how God works at times. Yesterday, I was headed straight into meltdown feeling overwhelmed with everything including the pain of regret. Next thing I know, all of the servers here go down in some unexplainable cascade of errors, forcing me to stop what I am doing and breathe.

Sure enough, I stop and take time to catch my breath. While I am doing that, I’m taking the time to clear my head as well. It gave me the opportunity to rethink my strategies and plan my next set of moves.

Part of this includes taking back what is rightfully mine. One of them is the right to leave work when the day is done. There is life affer work and I’m going to experience it once again. There’s nothing worth staying for because my pay doesn’t change whether I put in 7.5 hours or 10 hours. I’d be a fool to believe that this or any company actually is going to recognize and reward their employees based on their hours. And let’s face it: the problems that were there at the end of the day will be there waiting tomorrrow. What I am no longer willing to give is my life for my job. The return is no longer worth it. They own the work I do, but they do not own me. If they think otherwise, I will definitely consider going back to contracting. No security is worth trading in some basic freedoms.

If I can keep remembering that there isn’t always tomorrow, it just may keep me in line today. Otherwise, I’ll be falling for a huge satanic lie and the cost will be huge! The one thing that cannot be banked is time.

Then a server down will be the least of my problem.

— Posted from my iPhone… because I can

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