Investments: cost & worth

There comes a time when we reach a breaking point. And, when that time comes, it’s time to draw our boundaries. I hit that point today and got to the point where if I don’t act now, I am going to be sorry. I may find myself in a bit of trouble tomorrow, but I’ll risk that instead of my health and sanity.

If anything, I always try to see myself as an investor. However, the two things I know about in investing are keeping in mind the returns and the risks. So far the returns that I am seeing are minimal at best while the risks keep climbing. My physical and mental health are starting to look like the things I am risking. The meltdowns that I am approaching are not worth it.

So, now I have some decisions to make. Run the same course or wind up sacrificing everything on the altar of futility. Unfortunately everything has a price and now I have to consider what I am willing to pay. And I need to be wiser on my investments. I remember hearing something in a movie which is now sticking with me: cost and worth are two totally different things.

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