Letter of love…

Perhaps I don’t say it enough, or worse, demonstrate it openly enough, but there’s one undeniable fact in my life that needs to known to all: I am deeply and madly in love with Joelle and I have always been.

I can still remember the day I first set eyes on her. The day she just walked into my life, looked at me and grabbed the guitar our of my hands and played a little. My heart must have been attached to my guitar at the time, because she managed to grab my heart at the same time. If anything, I didn’t want to admit at the time that I was falling instantly for her, because I was afraid of getting hurt like I always did before. But something inside told me she was different. She was the one. She was my gift from God, and she still is.

Almost 30 years later, we’ve celebrated and we’ve suffered together. We’ve sought and we’ve found. We’ve partied and pondered. We’ve gone across the country and across the ocean. We’ve made it through feast and famine, richer and poorer, and sickess and health. But the most important thing is that we’ve done it all together. I couldn’t imagine doing any of these things without her. I don’t remember any real good in my life before she came and I definitely don’t want to think of my life without her. Sure, they say that life would go on, but I don’t believe that I could really function without her. She completes me in ways no one can imagine. She is truly my other half… and she is my better half. Honestly, if God took her away today, I’d be half the person I was yesterday.

Sure we argue… and we fight too. Isn’t that what real married couples do? And we get hurt… if we didn’t hurt, that would mean that we didn’t have feelings for each other. We also heal each other and we grow stronger together and we also learn to fight with each other, as opposed to against each other. Anyone who things that you never fight or are never supposed to get hurt when you’re in love with someone, is living in a fantasy land. How can you get stronger together if you don’t get hurt? I wouldn’t trade any of those hurts for anything. That’s when you realize how much you’re in love.

So what if there are things we don’t get about each other. It’s all good. To me, it’s what makes it all exciting and worth pursuing. Don’t you think it would be boring if we absolutely knew each other inside and out like a book. If we could predict every single move the other makes? I’ll admit that I love it when I think she’s gonna do one thing and blows my mind and does something totally opposite. Sometimes, I’ll be stuck in a routine and she’ll throw in a spark of spontaneity to throw me off. If anything, I’d never want Joelle to stop being Joelle, because no matter what I may think at any given time, she’s perfect in my eyes.

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