Technology seems to be against me, today…

I don’t know what it is today, but it seems that all technology is
banding up against me for some reason or another. I can’t seem to get
through anything today, without a piece of technology just deciding to
flip out on me.

It’s starting with my in-car bluetooth device not wanting to connect to
my iPhone this morning. There’s nothing wrong with the iPhone, so far,
because my in-ear device was working no problem. Next, I found when I
tried to lock my MacBook Pro, the Kensington lock was all of a sudden
loose, meaning that the security hole in it broke. Or, at least the
plastic inside the lock slot was broken. Talk about freakin’ cheap
materials. I might pull off the bottom case and put epoxy around the
hole to fill that up, though. But, it’s just a pain in a royal butt to
have to go through this!

It’s like I’ve offended the machines today, yet I don’t know what I did!
I wonder if it’s just a lottery of computer random number generator that
they run and my number came due for computer hardship today. I don’t
know. What I do know is that this totally bytes!

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