Thrown to the wolves…

It seems like today is nothing more than the aftermath of yesterday. If anything, I’m feeling battered and bruised… but not from the day’s events themselves. I’m more feeling like this from being thrown to the wolves by Joelle. I mean, c’mon, does she honestly think that I went out to deliberately put a stone chip in the windshield? I feel like crap enough from the day, and all she can do is rip a strip off of me over a stupid stone chip. Ain’t that character!

It makes me wonder what’s going to happen when she gets into an accident with the van… whether I will try to be as forgiving as the time she got into an accident with the last van, knocking the back bumper clean off. Or, will I simply turn my back on here and treat her just like she did to me… over a stone chip! Only problem for me is that I know it’s not right in my heart to do so. Makes me wonder what’s in Joelle’s heart at the moment.

All I can say to Joelle today is that I hope you choke on the scripture you’re teaching your study today. I hope the words you read tie up your tongue like a noose. I hope every letter weighs down your heart like a slab of lead. I hope it hits over the head with the force of a giant Torah! You dare throw me to the wolves and then preach the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ!

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