Kids will be kids… and some parents will be MORONS!

I was in Stone Road Mall today, spending some time with my youngest son, Joshua, when we were on our way to the food court when this little kid with an ice cream cone walks into me and his cone rubs on my jacket sleeve. I’m looking at my jacket and while not overly happy, I inspect my sleeve and the dad just goes, “oh well, get a cloth and wipe it off…”. I’m like looking at him thinking, “you idiot”. The mom tries to make good of the situation and hands me a serviette to wipe my sleeve off and the dad is like, “what can you do… kids will be kids”.

I replied back, “parents should be parents!”, which was met with a “what am I supposed to you”. I told him, “try WATCHING your kid”. Too bad I didn’t say to try to teaching your kid to say sorry, MORON! Even more so, try apologizing yourself on behalf of the kid rather than to act like an apathetic ass!

Almost wanted to wipe my sleeve on his t-shirt and go “oh well”. However, I didn’t want to set a bad example for Joshua. For once, I really wanted to be the better person and walking away was the hardest thing to do. I don’t know if I handled it right, but I know that something inside wanted to beat some sense into that idiot of a dad. Heck, the kid was simply being a kid. It’s the dad that pissed me off! I truly hope that the kid takes after his mom when he grows up, rather than become the subject of a useless angry rant of a blog post of someone else (who wants to believe the best in people, and finds that he simply can’t at times) when his kids bumps into them with some food.

At this time, I don’t know who needs more prayer… him for teaching his kid to grow up to be a moron like him, or me for believing that he is doing so and ranting about it!

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