We Don’t Have Time… We Make Time

This is a lesson that I have learned a long time ago. We are not blessed with a lot of time on this earth. We have to make the best of what we have. Life is full of distractions that all want a piece of our time. Let’s face it, we all the the same excuse not to do something: I can’t find the time. And then we wonder why we’re stressed out, and why we always feel like we’re missing out on things. A classic example is a friend of mine at work who is mentally exhausted and is under stress. I advised her to go for a run or a bike ride, as well as simply breathe. The response back was, “I will if I can find the time”.

We don’t have time… we make time.

I had to make a conscious decision to make time to ride my bike, and try to reach my goal of 20Km in 30 minutes. There were a lot of things that want to get in my way, including things that I want to do. However, I have to put my health first because if I don’t have that, everything else is moot. There’s a line I love from The Ten Commandments when Moses was accused by Ramses and Seti for giving the slaves one day in seven to rest and raided the temple granaries. Charlton Heston comes back and says, “Cities are made with bricks and bricks are made by slaves. The strong make many, the weak make few… and the dead make NONE!”

I know I am not productive when I am thinking about work 24/7. I actually do better work when I step away and ride my bike, play guitar, mix some music or take some pictures. Anything that takes my mind off of things for a while. The problem will still be there when I get back… and when I do get back, I have had the ability to think through and fix the problem. More time never helped. Time away did. But, I have learned that I have had to make that time. Leaving for home when it is time to go is a conscious decision. I have had to lose any guilty feelings about it, as my health and that of my family comes before work. Otherwise, work won’t matter.

I don’t know if I have lived half my life, or most of my life. Only God knows that. What I do know is that I am probably not going to be saying on my deathbed, “I wish got more work done at the office…”

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