ARRRGGHH!! This is what I get for not checking CD’s when I buy them!!

The Saturday before I went to England, I went out and bought Rush’s Snakes and Arrow’s Live CD as well as the DVD set. Of course, I went straight to the DVD’s first because I love watching them live and was able to watch it while I was getting things ready for the trip. However, I never got the chance to put the CD’s on my iPod until this past weekend.

Sure enough, I have a bad CD!!!

Talk about a huge letdown. Even worse is that it is out of HMV’s defect period. Sometimes I feel that this is the price I pay for trying to be honest. Some shmoe at HMV is probably going to say, “I’m sorry… I’d love to help you but I can’t!” Which means that I would have to go and purchase another set, just because I’d rather do things honestly, while their fat cats in the back room are probably snickering at how they got another one. And to think it’s not even Tuesday, which is the day I’d expect this type of crap to happen!

It definitely serves me right: always check all of your CD’s and DVD’s right when you get home. Don’t wait, lest you suffer this fate and wind up having to take it up the matzah-stuffed kishka like a man!

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