HELP! I’m infatuated with heavy bottoms…

… as far as my mixes go, that is!

It seems that the last two mixes that I have been doing have been bottom heavy. I mean, I love the tonality that I am now getting from the mixes, but I notice that “I Wanna Be…” has way too much howl in the kick that it’s not only overtaking its snap, but it’s drowning everything else out and all you hear is low end kick howl. All of the chunky guitarwork gets lost. And, this gets really noticeable in the car. Funny enough, my iPod with my Bose headphones don’t pick up this mud, let along my monitors. I probably have my subwoofers set too low. Perhaps, if I turn them up, I’ll get the howl I’m noticing.

If that doesn’t beat all, I got a fantastic tonality out of the bass guitar in “In The Eyes of a Stranger”. However, in that song, the bass is way too loud and is drowning out all of the other instruments. As much as I love the bass, it need cutting by about 6db, if not more.

So, what I am going to do about this heavy bottom infatuation?

First things first! I’m going to play a bunch of tunes through my monitors so I can refresh my ears as to how to translate what I am hearing. I’m also going to have to tune up my ears at the same time. Once having done this, I am then going to re-examine my mixes and set the levels properly using what I know as a reference. Hopefully, this three step program will help cure my infatuation with heavy bottoms.

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