God does indeed provide…

Today is living proof that God provides. It all began with last night when I got home from work. I got a bunch of swollen glands on the left side of my neck that is doing nothing short of freaking me out. It probably has something to do with the recent cold that I got and then went out to shovel the driveway early Sunday morning because I feared another huge snowstorm. However, it was definitely nothing short of freaky and was running up a low grade fever and exhaustion. All I wanted to do was sleep when I got home last night. In fact, I missed Christmas Eve worship team rehearsal and didn’t realize it. Fortunately, Margot let the guys know I was sick and fell asleep.

Well, after sleep and more sleep, I woke up at 6:21am this morning to a huge snowfall. I felt I didn’t have a choice but to not have breakfast and just get going to Toronto. So, I got ready to go and grabbed my lunch. Sure enough, once I got to Ganz this morning, I found a box a day-old TimBits sitting on the table where we had our pot luck lunch yesterday. All things considered, it was delicious and all I could really ask for for breakfast. Sure, not the healthiest at all times, but I was sure grateful for such a treat. To me, it was heaven at the time. That to me was proof right there that God was thinking of me and providing for me. He certainly didn’t have to leave me anything, but He did and I was sooooo grateful to Him for it.

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