Been way too long…

I can’t believe how long it has been since I actually played the part of a webmaster. Things have definitely changed, and I think that it’s that change that took me all weekend to get three web domains ready for launch. Worst part, I still haven’t uploaded the content… that’s tonight. If anything, I definitely need to do this more often so as not to lose my touch. My problem is that I relied too much on my hosting providers to do the kind of dirty work that I have been so used to doing myself. While I relied on them, I let my basics slide. It sort of makes me glad that I am on a host that allows me to do the web mastering. If anything, it felt good to be back in the driver’s seat again. Hopefully, this will show in the web sites… I’ve even taken a different turn with them. Regardless, I’m definitely not about to let it slide again.

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