Life is a Peanut Butter and ‘Nana Sandwich

Today, I had a treat for lunch that I haven’t enjoyed in a long time. Joelle bought ham for Josh and me to take for lunches. However, I love cooking with ham. I just don’t like ham sandwiches. So, I looked for some alternatives in my house and discovered that Joelle also bought a bunch of bananas. So, it hit me and I went to the pantry to find some honey and peanut butter and I made myself a couple of peanut butter and banana sandwiches. I almost forgot just how delicious they could be.

It brought back some memories of when Margot used to make them for us and we would spend time together eating these Elvis delicacies. We would sit and laugh and have an overall good time while dining. The best part of them was that we would just have them when we felt like it. Sometimes, I think we would just have them so that we could spend time together.

It’s amazing how such a sandwich could be loaded with protein, vitamins and memories and taste delicious at the same time. I’ll probably wind up making myself a western omelet tonight… we have ham!

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