It’s not just the notes… it’s the spaces also!

I don’t get today’s so-called heavy metal. In their attempt to get heavier, they’ve lost the whole idea of what music is all about. When I listen to music, I don’t just hear the notes. I hear the spaces as well. I feel the music breathe. Today’s music does nothing more than blast at my face like a jet engine and just doesn’t stop. It’s all exhale with no inhale. It’s like intense scribbling on a piece of paper and calling it art. Spaces are biblical. Look in the scriptures. God didn’t appear in the thundering roar or the rushing winds. God appeared in the whisper. God is in the spaces of our music. With music continually blasting out, where is there room for God?

I love it when a great rock song pushes you back and then pulls you in. There’s a feeling to it that draws you closer. For example, take the Eric Clapton and Cream CD’s that I picked up this past weekend. Most of the songs I love off of Cream are over 40 years old, but they stand the test of time. Songs like “Sunshine of Your Love” and “White Room” breathe in and out. They don’t tire you out. They’re songs I love to recreate the sounds with my guitar. Clapton’s got something that many of these heavy metal vomit brothers bands don’t have… feel.

If anything, I find myself programming my POD with tones from guys like Clapton, Hendrix, and others like them. Why? Because their tones breathe and their music breathes. It doesn’t just have music. It has spaces in between the loudness. I want God to appear in the spaces of my music.

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