I’m Internet Famous… I have my own stalker!

Whoever thought that some putz from Guelph, like me, would have their own Internet Stalker? Well, move over Richard Letterman and Anne Murray… here I come. Even better is that I have one-upped you both because my stalker can be half way around the world. For all I know, they could be in Japan, Fiji, Australia or even Kookamonga (don’t know if that’s a place, but if Bugs Bunny says it, it has to be real!).

Some goon keeps pestering me for a picture of one of my guitars. What I can’t understand is why they want a picture from me? Why do they want my guitar? If this bozo likes guitars so much, he can get the picture from a manufacturer’s web site. First, he started pestering me on Facebook, so I ignored him there. Even worse is that this dude then tries to become my friend on Facebook. I mean, who the heck are you to think that I am simply going to confirm that you are my friend when I don’t even know who you are? Even more so is the fact that when I went to gather some information on this person, there is very little to display. Another reason not to make friends with Internet strangers.

It gets creepier…

This dood now has starts searching my name on Google and tracks my main email address. Now, he’s sending me emails to me wanting pictures of my guitar. So now, I have to filter his emails out and start taking action. This is making me wonder how stable this person really is, going through all of these great lengths for a picture that he could get from the manufacturer.

If that doesn’t make things worse, this idiot is now doing some further Googling and has now found my co-author. Now, my co-author is starting to receive emails to try and get a hold of me. Just for a stupid picture of my guitar!!

To my little Internet Stalking “friend”: Get a freakin’ life!!!!! I’m more than sure that there’s a shrink that can cure you of your obsession, be it the picture of the guitar, or getting a hold of me for that picture of the guitar. Either way, this is the most that you are going to hear from me for now. However, I will give you this warning: If I so much as hear from you again in a roundabout way, I will not only mention you by name in a blog entry, but I will also post your email address and encourage everyone I know to tell you what a yutz you are. And that’s after I turn the information over to INTERPOL!

And if you want a picture of one of my guitars you can get it here: http://www.ibanez.com

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